Breath of My Heart Birthplace is a non-profit Licensed Freestanding Birth Center and full scope midwifery practice. See what our clients are saying.

Our name comes from the Tewa language, “Navi pin haa un mu,” meaning “you are the breath of my heart.” A term of endearment for a beloved child. Please visit our Support Breath of My Heart page to find out more about our history and vision for our community.

Take a virtual tour of our birth center, located in the beautiful Española Valley.

Client Testimonials

“Breath of My Heart has been such a wonderful and helpful place. The resources they provide are excellent and the staff is amazing and understanding. I attend their United Young Parents support group and I’m thoroughly pleased with them. They always give me helpful information. I always recommend them to anybody that may benefit from their services.”

Daniela Lopez

Breath of My Heart Birthplace made my birthing experience very memorable, from the care they provided all the way to the support they’ve given my family and I with United Young Parents support group. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking midwifery care or those in need of support.

Deandra Romero
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