Breath of My Heart Birthplace is a non-profit midwifery practice and developing birth center.

Our name comes from the Tewa language, “Navi pin haa un mu,” meaning “you are the breath of my heart.” A term of endearment for a beloved child. Please visit our Support Breath of My Heart page to find out more about our history and vision for our community.

In Light Of COVID-19

Dear community,

We wanted to share what we are doing as a clinic to prevent the spread of COVID19 and stay active as a clinic during this occurrence. We are deeply committed to continuing serving our community/clients and keeping Breath of My Heart a safe place to be. In order to do this we must take precautions to avoid contamination in the clinic space and keep our staff healthy so that we can remain in service. Here are some changes that you should know about when you plan to visit the clinic:


  • Monday Walk-in clinic day will now require appointments, although these can be made same-day
  • Only one client will be admitted to the clinic at any one time
  • We will leave a 15 min gap between appointments so that staff can completely disinfect all patient use areas before another client is admitted 
  • We are observing social distancing practices so there will be minimal staff on-site at any one time: only those necessary to provide direct care. 

Established clients:

  • Expect a phone call from one of the BMH midwives to explain procedures on how we will do on-going screening of clients for illness or infection risk
  • You may request remote visits if you feel uncomfortable coming into the clinic or believe you may have been exposed to COVID19. 
  • Midwives are still remaining on-call 24/7 for clients and are happy to answer your questions and provide support.

New clients:

  • We are currently accepting clients for both Home and Birth Center births.
  • We will call you to do a phone screening prior to coming in for a consult, initial visit or tour of the facility.
  • Under some circumstances we may ask you to perform a self-isolation or do remote visits prior to initiating in-person care to minimize risk of spread of infection. 
  • If you are considering transferring care to us, please contact us as soon as possible as we have a limit to the number of births we can do in a given month. 

Food bank update:

We are so happy with the response that has occurred to our food distribution through the Food Depot. We are needing to make some adjustments during the extenuating circumstances of the COVID19 outbreak. We will temporarily restrict our food distribution to current and former clients of Breath of My Heart. If you fit this description please contact the office to be added to our text message notification list. We will not provide drop-in pickup of food and instead will send notification when food boxes are ready for pickup This will minimize traffic to our clinic and help to keep us all healthy and safe. Thanks for your understanding and patience.